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I am so pleased that you have chosen to check out the site of Langfield Entertainment.  I hope that you are able to find all the information you are looking for!  (And if not, please let me know!)

Langfield Entertainment is a dynamic entertainment weekly newsletter (and website) geared towards a multicultural demographic to highlight Canadian talent globally. My website will provide you with hot entertainment news and  event listings An additional feature is the well-stocked photo gallery which includes local and global talent. 

Whichever form artists choose to express themselves, i.e. music, spoken word, film, television, etc., more than likely you can find it here!  With features such as weekly newsletters via email, weekend and upcoming events, frequent users of the site are sure to have the real scoop on entertainment happenings, both  in Canada and globally.  If you are interested in having your event posted on my fee-structured site (refer to FEES), please contact me at langfieldent@rogers.com

On a personal note, you just never know which direction your life will take and where seeds will get planted along the way!  I’d like to share with you how this entire endeavour began.  My interest in music and performance started at a young age as I was born into a Christian home of parents and a long heritage of patrons of The Salvation Army, where music was an integral part of worship.  I studied piano, brass, flute and vocals for close to 20 years.  That musical influence formed the basis for my acute awareness of how music can affect your senses.   I was a lifetime fan.

Years went by and then in 1996, my good friend Leslie Salmon (dancer/personal trainer
/model) insisted that I read the book “The Personal Touch – What You Really Need to Succeed in Today’s Fast-Paced Business World” by Terrie Williams, one of America’s most successful African-American publicists. Ms. Williams stresses the importance of adding the "personal touch" in everyday activities in order to accomplish the big things.  This is what I had been doing for years, without realizing that these could be translated into business practices.  Suffice to say, this book changed my life and its direction.  I knew I had to take a more serious approach to considering a career in the entertainment industry.  But how?  Well, it started in 1997 when the same Terrie Williams hired me as one of her interns for one month in New York City - what an incredible experience!  To this day, Terrie and I remain good friends and her personal endorsement of my business means everything. 

A couple of years went by and I seemed to inherit the reputation for knowing where urban artists were performing within the City of Toronto, as R&B/soul live music events were my personal favourites
.  R&B artists in Toronto were the first artists to move me with this genre of music.   I was also helping local artists promote their upcoming events, including Carlos Morgan, Divine Brown, Sharron McLeod and Kayte Burgess.    

One of these nights was in June 2000 when I introduced myself to Vondie Curtis Hall
, who was in Toronto directing a feature film.  He asked me to keep him posted on local live R&B music scene.  I created an Entertainment Calendar for his ease of reference.  I circulated this information to a few friends for their information as well.  The positive feedback I received was overwhelming and I decided to continue putting this information together - this is how my entertainment listings were started.  Now I have a website and am continuously adding new members for my weekly newsletters.  What a blessing! 

So remember, you never know where the seeds of others will be planted in your life.  I think our responsibility lies in taking action when you are given opportunities and to ensure you recognize those that have blessed your life.   I accept that I am truly blessed and strive to be a blessing to others, both personally and professionally.